MY STORY

      Hi there!
      Thank you for visiting my page! Here’s a little bit of information about me.
      I started operating as a photographer, commercially, in 2015, and my passion for the job has not waned one bit. My passion drives me towards excellence, and I have kept a culture of working hard to develop my skills and professionalism in photography.
      I specialize in wedding shoots, and I have come to discover that the pictures a photographer takes can remind couples (even those who have been married for decades) about their commitments before they got married. It can also remind them how much they loved each other when they got married.
      I am a photographer who is willing to go the extra mile to exceed my customers’ requests, even when it means going out of my comfort zone. I do this because I am more interested in your happiness and satisfaction than I am in my own comfort.
      Therefore, photography should be seen as a way of life, something to be done passionately, even if there would be no rewards attached to it.
      The dresses. The smiles. The ambience. They’ve become my muse for an experience that the couples and I will never forget. Basically, your day is my day too, and I live for those moments!