Proposal during photo shoot in Lake Tahoe.
      A surprise proposal photography session in Soth Lake Tahoe.
      This couples love was captured by a Wedding Photographer Iuliana Photography .
      Our story is not the most romantic one. We’ve met in the club,in Lake Tahoe!
      Not the most common place where you meet your husband, right? But we started to date.
      He was giving me my favorite white roses forgetting to breathe when we were together, telling me he won’t believe that I’m his girl…
      When we were not together He was sending me pictures of what he was doing through the day and one day when the first snow fell he drew a heart on his car and sent it to me.
      So cute!!! I knew from the beginning that he was my soulmate by how simple and easy things went.
      He loves to snuggle as well as I do. This is so amazing to feel with your heart that you love and you’re being loved.
       A Surprise proposal.
      Surprise Proposal is Captured in Stunning Sand Harbor Beach  With a local photographer to take photos of his proposal to his beautiful fiance.



      Gorgouse serie!Love every photo. Great job Iuliana!

      amazing session, and gorgeous couple. Breathtaking photos

      Best ever! So lovely, sweet, the colors are just gorgeous

      The black and white photo is the best!

      It is really hard to dream about more amazing sky and backdrop!!! Gorgeous proposal photographs!

      Beautiful session, wonderful location! Great capture

      Such a gorgeous gallery just amazing

      Beautiful session