“I met this gorgeous girl when I moved from Mexico to Carson City. I had two classes with her and always thought she was beautiful but I kept those thoughts in my head. It took us nine months to finally have the courage to talk to each other and one day I just asked her to come on an adventurous hike with me in Tahoe. I remember that day like the back of my hand. We met up at Cave Rock and we talked for at least an hour until we finally looked each other in the eyes, and confessed our love for one another. Ever since then, it has been an amazing 8 months and still counting. We met with Iuliana to take these wonderful pictures that tell more than a thousand words.



      Beautiful amazing romantic photo session! Very talented!

      This is so beautiful, Iuliana! I love every single shot. Amazing job

      Stunning couple! and that view???!!! WOW

      Your photography is so gorgeous!

      my favorite session of yours!

      Victoria Vasilyeva

      Wow! These are increadible engagement photos!

      Beautiful love story! Gorgeous nature!