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Growing up in a small town, I found peace and solitude in the surrounding nature. From the rolling hills to the smallest yellow flowers that would grow on them, my adoration for my home never wavered. I got my first camera as a gift from my uncle when I was 16, and continued to use it as a hobby while attending art school to advance my skill in hand drawings and paintings. 

With time, I realized that photography was my passion and preferred medium of art, and decided to take a serious step in my photography business endeavor in 2016. After dabbling in it for a while, I realized that I found great joy in seeing happy families that reminded me of the people that were set as examples for me as a child when taught about old fashioned relationships. 

Since then, I have spent a majority of my time creating my own niche, focusing on a healthy mix of romance, color neutrality, and the beauty of the environment. Using those techniques, I create thematic wedding and family photos and/or films for my clients. My camera is an extension of myself, and is used to capture not only moments, but the most important memories of the people I meet.

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