Aurora and Nathan Sacramento Wedding





Nathan and Aurora


Flowers : Swenson & Silacci

Wedding dress: Flares Bridal

Venue: Monterey Plaza

Bridal hair by Kelsey

Makeup by Denise

Nathan and I meet in high school during freshman walk through and I had the biggest crush on him.We were on student council together and became best friends.

My friends asked him to go to senior ball with me and then I left to go to Chico for college. After being away for a little over a year Nathan asked me to be his girlfriend and we started dating long distance for about another year until he moved up to Chico too. We’d been together for a little over three years when Nathan proposed.

However, we both regret not dating in high school butI think we grew into the people we were meant to be and then the timing was right for us to be together so it worked out perfectly!


Wedding Photos


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