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City Couple

It all started in an art class, between two kids who never talked and hung out with different groups but by chance we were in this class together. I would try to make her laugh and she would try to hide her smile but eventually warmed to me and would smile and laugh and from that we would talk and from talking we began to know each other and once we knew more we began to love. 

Once the spark was kindled there was nothing that could keep us apart through middle school and high school. We did not expect this love nor did anyone else, no one wanted us together and no one thought we would last, When we had our first child,

Against all odds and against all doubts that we would never last. Through hard times, happy times, sad times, and many obstacles over come, here we are 10 years and 3 beautiful children later I can confidently say that I found my soulmate on this day back in 2010 and the rest is history. I love you forever and ever and nothing will ever take that away.

Love always,

Will Mielenz




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