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Elopement wedding at Emerald Bay





Elopement Wedding in Lake Tahoe

When you are planning your wedding in Lake Tahoe the first place you most consider for your ceremony is Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay is the most popular place where a lot of couples get married and said their vows to each other.

It was a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe. Where the wedding of the bride and groom was located.  Due to covid 19 the couple decided to exchange their vowels in private. I was really excited to shoot there special day. elopement weddings are so special and unique. Even though the sky was red because of the smoke the wedding was still so beautiful. The red sky brought this cozy feeling to them and it was really rare. I think the new family loved their private wedding because it was very intimate between the couple. I enjoyed capturing those moments the sky brought that very unique look and the wedding pictures came out very romantic and beautiful. Honestly for me it was so much fun capturing those gorgeous moments the couple looks so happy and gently. When I was editing those pictures I fell in love with the way the photographs turned out.

The sky gave this very fancy and romantic look to the pictures. It was such a beautiful wedding and the pictures turned out very elegant. I was honored to capture the special moments of their lives.


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