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Elopement wedding at Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe Elopement Wedding

When it comes to a wedding, it simply has to be perfect. It is the most precious memory that a couple should have.

For this couple, Emerald Bay was the perfect place for their elopement wedding. The tranquility and secrecy at Emerald Bay were more than they expected.

About Emerald Bay

The Emerald Bay is an attractive destination for an elopement wedding. It was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1969. It is an underwater park in California. You can access the Emerald Bay via Highway 89.

Why Emerald Bay?

The views

The views at Emerald Bay are just amazing for an elopement wedding. The breathtaking views give you all you want, and with a professional photographer, you will definitely get the best pictures of your life. Some of the most outstanding views include:

Perfect sunset: if you have never taken a photo with the sunset behind you, then you should do it at Emerald Bay as it has the perfect sunset for photo shooting.

Natural environment: the landscapes, forests, and hiking paths are amazing views of the natural environment. They offer perfect locations to take your wedding photos. Nature here is undisturbed and you can be sure of excellent shots.

Beautiful mountainside: there is also a beautiful mountainside for taking photos.

Lake Tahoe:

If there is one single most amazing thing in Emerald Bay, then it must be Lake Tahoe. This beautiful lake is a crown jewel for anyone doing their wedding as it offers amazing views. The lake’s colors are surreal because of its incredible clarity and depth.

About the couple’s elopement wedding

Guided by the desire to have a simple and secretive wedding, the couple chose the Emerald Bay as their wedding location.

The couple realized that all they needed was a simple wedding since they had each other. With nature on their side, they managed to get amazing post-wedding photos. The photos are just unbelievably incredible. Surely, they’ll sit back many years later and enjoy the beauty in these photos.

The cost of a simple elopement wedding is far much below what they would have paid for a normal big wedding. More importantly, it’s not about the cost; the experience at Emerald Bay was simply unmatched – they had the best time of their long journey of marriage.

The Emerald Bay was indeed the key to unlock their happiness and nature was there to help them capture their joy.   

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