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Nevada beach photo session





Had an amazing time shooting this beautiful couple at Nevada Beach.
The weather was perfect and we caught this nice sunset on a background.
We started the photoshoot at a forest and moved on to the beach.
One main difference at Nevada beach from other beaches is that it has lots of wind that’s why you can see bigger waves there.

Enjoy watching this beautiful blog and let me know your thoughts in a comment below.
Erin: “Craig and I met in April 1998 through mutual friends after a friend’s baptism at the mission in San Juan Bautista, Ca.
During the church service I prayed that God would bring me someone nice that would love me.
Later that evening our mutual friends introduced us and we were together from that day on. We got engaged in December 1998 and were married on October 2, 1999.
We have two sons, Sean 19, and Owen 17. We are so blessed that we were brought together on that beautiful day that changed the course of our lives forever.”


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  1. kristina telnov

    Love this session, so great!

  2. Marina Misra

    These are amazing! Love every single shot!

  3. Tatiana Kahl

    absolutely gorgeous sunset photo session and great looking couple!

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