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Mike and Jen

Our story:

Our Story: We were introduced by our wonderful friend Rondi. Rondi went to elementary school with Michael and to high school with Jen. A few years ago Rondi would casually mention to Jen that she knew a great guy that Jen should meet. Jen just smiled and moved on to another conversation. Finally after a couple of years, Rondi at coffee with Jen, decided to take the matter into her own hands and texted Michael Jen‘s number and told him that she would be expecting his call. The rest is history and we have been laughing & enjoying each other’s company ever since 💜

story of venue:

Jen & her dad had walked to Round Hill for years for its gorgeous views. One year a patio popped up, the next a bar!! Jen took Michael to the venue to enjoy a beach day on Aug 14, 2020. While sitting on the beach enjoying frozen drinks, Jen randomly mentioned that this would be the perfect spot for a wedding. Then they both looked over to the left & saw the wood arch!! Michael & Jen were married in that exact spot on Aug 13, 2021.

wedding photos

story of venue

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