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Sand Dunes


It was a warm and sunny day. My friend and I left Sacramento and headed toward Napa Valley under excuse of meeting some friends and visiting a winery down there. I knew that Alex, my boyfriend back at the time and now my fiancé, was not able to come with us, because he had classes that day. It turned out that the winery was wearing a design of an actual medieval castle. We went upstairs on the roof to enjoy the beautiful valley view. Then, my friend asked me if I wanted to pose for a picture. As soon as I got ready for the picture, I started hearing my favorite love song by Ed Sheehan. In my head I thought:” Wait, what’s happening?”. I turned around and I saw my boyfriend Alex, bending his knee and asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes! The happiest moment of my life in the prettiest place you could think of, made me smile unceasingly. I still cannot believe I got proposed to in a castle overlooking the gorgeous Napa Valley. I still cannot believe I got proposed to by the kindest person in my life that I love beyond measure. And I still cannot believe that soon enough I will become his wife and we will share eternity with each other.



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