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Wedding in San Francisco





Wedding in San Francisco

I met my wife on Sunday about six years ago when the most beautiful girl
I’d ever seen walked into the entrance of the Nooruz Festival. The day when
I saw her I told myself: “She is going to be mine!”
That day I found her in social media and started texting her.
So our rare chats lasted for 3 years, than we decided to date.
After Aiday and I dated long distance for a year, I invited her to live in sunny Los Angeles.
We’ve been together ever since. We wanted to frame our #love,
so we can always remember the beginning of the the new life.
So glad we found Iuliana Photography! We had our #wedding photoshoot in San Francisco  with Iuliana Photography,
I loved everything about it! The #photoshoot was easy, fun and the photos came out looking so natural and wonderful.

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  1. kristina telnov

    love love this session of yours, one of my favs!

  2. Anastasia

    Beautiful sunset, gorgeous couple!

  3. Margo

    Amazing colors, sunset and couple, love it!

  4. Vicky Zimerfeld

    Beautiful photography just amazing work

  5. Victoria Vasilyeva

    San Francisco is so lucky to have you as a wedding photographer. You are so talented, Iuliana!

  6. Victoria

    Oh it’s so romantic and sensual! The love is in the air!

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