Bay Area

Iuliana Photography is a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer residing in California.

Nikhil and I, met in Pittsburgh when he had returned from New York to start a job while I was in business school.

Our first rendezvous was at a mutual friend’s birthday. There after, we met for 3 months on coffee dates. Chatting for hours on our love for music,

cult movies and devising strategies to play pranks on our friends. I have no idea how I survived those 3 months because I hate coffee.

Our first official date was a movie night of Paranormal Activity. Followed by a lot of drinking and dancing and the rest is history.

I had heard that “When you find the One, you’ll just Know” and I always wondered how would I know

..will there be a shooting star falling across the sky or when I pluck the last petal of that daisy?

Little did I know that when he took my hand to dance on “Oh, my love, my darling” at his friend’s wedding. I would get my answer.

That was the moment when I realized that I had met my soulmate, my prince who I want to live my fairytale with .

He proposed in the most cutest way possible in our apartment in New York.

I don’t even remember his words because I was so overwhelmed with such raw and intense happiness. That all

I could hear myself saying was YES, YES, YES .

We had a beautiful wedding in India and have lived in so many different cities in the world.

Weaving life long stories to reminisce when we are old and wrinkly.

We work hard to make not only our own but each others dreams possible.

Like any married couple, we have our fair share of super highs and lows that has made us stronger by every passing day.

And after 4 years of marriage, when we are ready to welcome a new person in our life. Our little world is getting more magical.

I can’t wait to see the next chapter of our life because every lovestory is beautiful but ours is my favourite.